Wednesday, November 08, 2006

No Sugar Tonight....

In the wake of last week's Halloween binge, I've put myself on a no-sugar diet for the forseeable future. This mainly applies to processed sugars like corn syrup; I'm still allowed to put a little honey or maple syrup on my cereal in the morning, and naturally occuring sugar in fruit is fine. I'm back on my fruit kick, eating lots of dried fruit, juice, and those expensive yet tasty health food smoothies from the refrigerated section. I have a theory that a lot of the reason I feel like crap a good deal of the time is nutritional (yeah, I know, and didja know the earth is round too? it's a big duh, but at the same time it's easy for me to blow off these things on a day-to-day level even as I say "I should eat better!") So I'm drinking a lot of "Superfood" and "Green Machine" and "B Monster" for lunch these days--I should probably buy stock in Odwalla.

In other news, hooray for the national elections, and a bit of a boo for our local ones; somehow, the Republicans lost seats in the Indiana House but swept the state Senate. They now hold a Senate majority so large that they can conduct business even if not a single Democrat shows up to work in the morning. That just seems bad to me on principle... hopefully the Democratic majority in our House will force some bipartisanship on divisive issues. They're already discussing rescinding daylight savings time--woo hoo!