Friday, August 22, 2008

Stay On Target

Duties as usher:
1. Pick up tuxedo.
2. Show up on time.
3. Apply tuxedo to self right side up, in correct order. No accidents involving suspenders and cufflinks.
4. Guide people to correct seating.
5. Guide the mother of the groom to her seat.
4 1/2. Remember what the groom's mother looks like.
6. Cue the DJ for processional.
7. Roll out floor runner thingy in front of flower girl, without getting tangled up with other usher who might actually also be a Level 12 Klutz (specialist class.)
8. Sit down and get out of the way.

Don'tscrewup don'tscrewup don'tscrewup don'tscrewup.....

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Gencon kicked my ass, as usual. Which is to say, I had a good time, I lost a lot of sleep, I was painfully upbeat and cheerful with thousands of strangers while working at the booth, and I am hardly fit for human company even now, 3 days after the fact. I thought I was more or less OK yesterday; then my body betrayed me, and today was more or less a lost cause. I hope this doesn't last, I've got a wedding to be coherant for on Friday. At least I remembered to pick up the tuxedo on time....

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Rumbly Stumbly

I'd written a post all about fiction, and why I seldom read it, and how I think I got broken in this way, and the fact that I'm not the ONLY one like this at least... And then I re-read it, and it was boring. So I've stifled the post. It may emerge later, reformed, like a lovely butterfly from the cocoon of draft status... Or it may never advance beyond the larval stage. But at any rate, it being Gencon week, I'm going to be good for utterly nothing for the next 5 days. I have about 30 minutes to clean the kitchen and feed the cats, and then I'm off to meet Alex and get this train a rollin'. For those of you going--I'll be at the Croc Booth for most of the weekend during dealer room hours. Come find me. Entertain me. Admire my mad sales skillz. Try the veal.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Fantasy Fun

Oh, for god's sake--not THAT kind of fantasy. But if you like fantasy genre, friend Robin has just put the first chapter of her new novel up on her blog. Go have a looksee, it comes out in about a month. And while we're at it, Former-Roommate Sarah, aka Princess Anastasia, has her first e-book out, and you can read about it on the Drollerie Press website, purchase it from their store, or find it on Amazon for your Kindle, if you have such a thing.

While I've been "off fiction" for about a decade now, give or take, I'm trying to get back in. The bookpile disaster inspired me a bit. Gibson's got a new novel out in PB now, I got a new (to me) John Varley novel a month or two ago, though I've not gotten through it yet, and apparently Jonathan Carroll's got something in September as well, which is exciting. And I'm just finishing Matt Ruff's Set This House In Order, which is pretty damn impressive. (the book, not me finishing it. well, I guess that's damn impressive too, considering my recent track record...)