Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Yes, the dining room project approaches completion. Tile is laid; I came, I saw, I grouted. I sealed. This last weekend I spent painting the woodwork (which my father generously bought, cut, and primed for me.) New furniture has been purchased and assembled. I am on the cusp of having a real, usable room downstairs for the first time in over a year.... So, go me!

A "before" picture of the old room is here, and here's one of the walls, and here's one of the new tile (pre-grout.) I'll post a final completion photo once the woodwork's on.

Robert Altman died this week, which makes me sad. I love his films. So do yourself a favor this holiday weekend; go out and rent "Short Cuts" or "The Player" if you haven't seen them before. Those two movies are masterpieces--two of many from Altman. They pack a whallop, though, they're not light film. But totally worth your time. Have a good holiday, everyone--