Friday, May 27, 2005

Adam, Eve, and their Pet T-Rex....

In observing families in Dinosphere at the Children's Museum of Indianapolis, I'd wondered how creationist parents explain dinosaurs to their kids when visiting exhibits like this. Do they just say, "God put the bones there for us to find!" or "Yes, well--look! The snack bar!" or what? Well, wonder no more, as a new museum in Kentucky will explain the issue for god-fearin' folk of all sorts! No longer will dinosaurs be "held hostage" by us evolutionists! Now the dinos will speak for themselves, confirming through the god-given miracle of animatronics that they did, indeed, live simultaneously with man before the Fall. Which was about 4000 years ago, incidentally. Now creationist kids at school, no longer burdened with a need for scientific proofs, can proudly proclaim, "I know dinosaurs lived with people, because a robot at the Creation Museum said so!" Radiocarbon dating be damned!

I was going to spend some further time snappin' on Episode III, but this was a lot funnier. Honestly, I have no problem with a religious take on life, the universe, and everything, (I have one myself!) but biblical literalists just baffle me.

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Can't Talk. Watching Star Wars.

Finally saw Ep III today. There was good, and bad--but a lot more good and a lot less bad than the previous two. I don't get it--is George Lucas really just a total dumbass, that he couldn't find a way to make all three movies work at least as well as this one did? I still rate it below the original trilogy (if you're counting, my list of favorites goes IV, V, VI, III, II, I) but it made me want to watch A New Hope again. Which I'm doing, as soon as I finish this post. Letterbox, pre-digital enhancement, Han-Shot-First version. Later I may post a more insightful analysis of the film, but for now I'll just leave you with my friend Jason's brilliant realization from the last 10 minutes of the film: why in the name of god did they not use that shot of Vader's helmet being bolted on as the LAST SHOT OF THE FILM?? It was a perfect final shot. Get all the crap about splitting up the twins out of the way first, then cut to Vader's final assembly on the Frankenstein table....the helmet clamps down.... transformation complete... we hear the first gasping breath.... and the credits roll, Da da DAAAA DAH! We didn't need the dumb "Where's Padme? I killed her? Nooooooo!!!"--that totally didn't work. The helmet bit was so cool, everyone in the audience went "ooo!" and then the film went on for another 10 minutes. Lose 50 cool points, George Lucas.

Friday, May 13, 2005

southpark me

A Slave to Fashion

I realized I'd done the totally wrong hair on the portrait below, so I just relinked it. Butterfly Woman (who needs to find a new handle) did a good one of me last night, and I did pretty entertaining ones of her and Rat Girl. I'll upload them to Flickr in a bit. My bosses are moving across town this weekend, and will be only 5 minutes from my house; to give them (and me!) an officewarming present I'm doing some shopping at I think I'll buy the "Achievement" poster for them, and maybe "Mediocrity" for myself. Ooo, and a "Procrastination" coffee mug!

Monday, May 09, 2005

southpark me
Originally uploaded by me.
Mmm....Lollipop and Beer....

For another, kinder version of me, go here and scroll down to the bottom. This entertaining diversion is available at Planearium.

And while I'm plugging entertaining stuff, here's one for my nerdy friends. Charles has been at me to check out his friend Rich's webcomic, a tribute to D&D called Order of the Stick. Naturally, I've been putting it off because I'm not a big fan of D&D and I was afraid it'd be all Knights of the Dinner Table or--god forbid--Nodwick-like. But lo, I am converted. It's gotten an out-loud laugh from me multiple times now and I'm not even halfway through the back episodes. I recommend starting from the beginning, but if you go to this one and read it plus the next two, and then don't like it, I'll give you your money back. (This offer applies for nerds only. Anyone reading this who isn't already an RPG nerd, well, go read Big Top instead. It's equally funny, without the nerd component. And Rob is a talented guy who sells me original art on occasion! His first book is out, BTW, and worth every penny of the $11. Buy it and drive his popularity on Amazon through the roof.)

Thursday, May 05, 2005

So Much For Innocence

Dear 34-year-old Me--

You mean we're not a forest ranger yet?

You stink.

Love, Me. xxoo