Friday, May 27, 2005

Adam, Eve, and their Pet T-Rex....

In observing families in Dinosphere at the Children's Museum of Indianapolis, I'd wondered how creationist parents explain dinosaurs to their kids when visiting exhibits like this. Do they just say, "God put the bones there for us to find!" or "Yes, well--look! The snack bar!" or what? Well, wonder no more, as a new museum in Kentucky will explain the issue for god-fearin' folk of all sorts! No longer will dinosaurs be "held hostage" by us evolutionists! Now the dinos will speak for themselves, confirming through the god-given miracle of animatronics that they did, indeed, live simultaneously with man before the Fall. Which was about 4000 years ago, incidentally. Now creationist kids at school, no longer burdened with a need for scientific proofs, can proudly proclaim, "I know dinosaurs lived with people, because a robot at the Creation Museum said so!" Radiocarbon dating be damned!

I was going to spend some further time snappin' on Episode III, but this was a lot funnier. Honestly, I have no problem with a religious take on life, the universe, and everything, (I have one myself!) but biblical literalists just baffle me.