Saturday, March 05, 2005

What's That Humming Sound? Oh, Wait, It's Me....

My brain's been in clickity-clickity-click mode for 2 weeks now, and it's only going to get worse right up til I actually leave for Vegas in another week. By this I mean that I have many diverse things to think about, most of them interesting, and all of them stressful. Job interviews, school projects, bipedal crocodiles.... And I can only think about one of them for a few minutes at a time before I click over to one of the others and obsess about that for a while. How do other people work full time and go to school? How do they stay sane?

The good news for the week is that Mr. Septic Professional came and evaluated my situation (see below) and tells me that he won't have to re-lay my entire line (hooray!) and that he can fix it without tearing up my rock garden and patio (double hooray!) and that it'll probably cost $1500, not $3000 (triple super hooray with fireworks and rainbows!) This clears the way for me to start seriously thinking about Phase II of Project Downstairs Destruction, the shock-and-awe phase. I need to have a plumber come in and tear out a bathtub and a really ugly sink; the sink gets replaced, the bathtub doesn't. So I've been going to the salvage store to look for a "new" sink. I'm strongly tempted by one that used to be in the LS Ayres department store bathroom--basically a white pedestal 2 tap sink, with a nice 1930's sorta look to it. But as I'm not a plumber, I'm not clear exactly on whether it'd fit where I want to put it. Also, they have a toilet from the West Baden Hotel in Palm Springs for like $50. Now, technically I don't need a new toilet, the old one just needs to be re-sealed. But a toilet from the West Baden? Dare I say, the toilet of the stars??? West Baden was a popular spa hotel in the 40's and 50's, and many movie stars and celebrities stayed there. Anyone could have used it. Marilyn Monroe could have warmed her cheeks on this very throne! It's so tempting. Of course, when I go back it'll be gone, or they won't have a tank that fits it, or something. But the thought is, well.....I can only say, magical.