Sunday, February 20, 2005

Reports of My Accidental Suicide Have Been Greatly Exaggerated...

No shark/car/metal object-related accidents in recent days. I did nearly cut two fingertips off yesterday while trying to slice some key limes--man, those little bastards are tough-skinned! (I'm embarking on an experiment with making fruit vodkas, inspired by Anne's dad. Started a jar of peach vodka last week, and key lime yesterday. Still deciding on batch #3.) Still, overall it's been a pretty safe couple of weeks, physically.

Mentally, as always, is a whole nother barrel of monkeys! You may recall Sewage-Con, from an eariler post. Well, just over a month has passed and it's already time for Sewage-Con II: Plumber's Revenge! Jane and Sarah, you may have thought mopping up sewage-tainted water at the first con was fun--but let me tell you, it was nothing compared to the solid waste extravaganza that was SewageCon II. Next time, I may sell tickets. And I can correct this whole problem with my plumbing for a low, low price of only about $3000. I'm so happy, I just might shoot someone!*

To make a few pennies to cover this and other expenses, I've been stalking people around Dinosphere, collecting data and generally making visitors uneasy. Things at my "real" job (real being a relative term here) have been heating up, sales are doubling in the wake of our new releases and we're gearing up for GAMA in Las Vegas in a few weeks. I'm trying not to be worried by the fact that my boss has not (as far as I know) put in a registration for me or made plane reservations for any of us. Hell, if I don't get a badge that's just more time at the blackjack tables, right?

* shooting threat for dramatic effect only, no actual violence stated or implied