Saturday, January 22, 2005

At Last, a Theory I Can Support....

Adam Felber, the man who brought us gay penguin marriage, has come up with The Ladies' Undergarment Theory of Presidential Classification. (Actually, that's not what he called it, but I think my title is catchier and more likely to get a grant proposal.) The one gap in the theory is Reagan--if Reagan had been a brassiere, what kind would he have been? Suggestions are welcome.

And in another thoughtful analysis, this week Fafnir takes a ride on the Ferris Wheel of Freedom! "You bought your ticket, so you know you liked it."

As always, when classes start and I am forced to read texts about American political history, I am comforted by the reminder that nothing is ever new. When I start to think about the damage the current administration is doing to us and future generations, I can look back at the last century and see how much governmental bigotry, prejudice, and unconstitutional legislation we eventually overcame. While I'd far rather we hadn't inaugurated a president who has garnered almost universal dislike amongst the nations of the world (as well as about half the US population,) whose grasp of constitutional principles is feeble, and who thinks that God himself is talking to him and telling him to shove "freedom" down the throats of our enemies at all costs, well..... In the grand scheme of things, it's only one presidency.