Sunday, November 23, 2008

Time Traveling Frogs

Apparently, if you start a post on Sunday, but then finish and post it on Tuesday with the word "Tuesday" in the headline, Blogger will timewarp it back to having a Sunday date stamp, regardless. They're frogs from the fuuuuuuture!!!!

At any rate, today Sunday is Sunday, and this being the only day likely to be both dry and above 40 degrees out before winter really sets in, I spent it frantically doing all the yardwork tasks I'd failed to do earlier. Mowed my leaves. (Thank you, mulching mower! I say it every year...) Cleaned my gutters. Cleared the leaves off the driveway. Drained and put away the hoses. Cleaned out my community garden plot. Put away the chiminea--I'm not sure I've ever remembered to do that before the first snow. I was a machine of efficency.

I also managed to strain a quad muscle climbing back down off the roof of the garage, hurt my back in some unspecified way, and smashed my face straight into the edge of an open door while walking through my darkened house last night. Even machines have their poorly oiled days...