Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Breaking in 2006

Just a short post to assure the world I still live, post-New Year's. I finished Fool's Errand, but still have 2 puzzles in At the Carnival to go, and we won't even talk about 3 in Three because that's never going to be finished. It's just too damn hard. I did, however, get a nice personal message in response to my pre-order of the new game, with Cliff Johnson's assurance of forgiveness for the aforementioned software piracy.

I'm sorry to report no entertaining injuries so far in 2006, and it's already 10 days old. I did stab myself in the hand with a dart last night at the Brewpub; but that was less innate clumsiness and more that I don't own a case for my darts, so when I take them places its an accident in the making to begin with. The miracle is that no one got hurt while we were actually playing darts; I'm terrible, and rat girl is only slightly better, and darts ended up in floors and walls and the cricket board at various times during the two games we played. I got better as the game went on.... I blame the beer.