Monday, November 28, 2005

haiku in comments/a joy to behold on this/holiday weekend

I'd make a real post, but I'm busy this week reading Harry Potter and the Goblins of Fire in hopes that it will clarify the movie for me somewhat. Up til now, it's been pretty easy to grasp what's going on in the films without having first read the books (I've been playing catch-up since the first film) but this one had me stymied in spots. So while I read this phonebook of a novel, you all can read the best of the haiku left in my last comments field:

Thanks so much, Cathy
Happy Thanksgiving

Not having turkey--
Pad Thai and eggrolls instead.
Pass me the sake!

There is snow here too.
I don't expect it to last.
Sunday, it will melt.

From Andy, Whose Poem Made Me Laugh the Hardest
Not eating til three!?
How will I survive til then?
If only I'd known

From M, Who Fought the Good Fight
Ate too much turkey:
Fighting to stay vertical,
Pry eyelids open

Four-day weekend, four-
Day weekend, four-day weekend.
Oh! Four-day weekend.

The benefits of
My dinner is PIE!