Wednesday, July 06, 2005

The Real Freaks and Wonders
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The Real Freaks and Wonders

I'd hoped to have all the rest of my photos up on flikr before posting again, but that meant I didn't post for over a week and they're still not all up anyway. Oh well, there's plenty to look at. The beginning of the Camelot Motel photos is HERE , so you can go through those before reaching Circus World, where you'll find the lovely photo at right, along with many other beautiful pics of circus wagons and oddities. I'm actually glad I didn't bring my camera, because Erin is a much better photographer than I am...

The new cat, officially now the New Cat, is settling in fine in the sense that he's perfectly happy sleeping on my couch and shoveling down bowls of catfood as fast as I fill them. However, the prior cats are less than pleased about his arrival; Hal is adjusting, but Harper spends all her time staring meanly in his direction from under the furniture, and hissing like a tea kettle if he chances to make eye contact. Sigh. She's always been a crabby cat, but lately she's reaching new heights.

I was going to do some sort of patriotic rant on the 4th of July, something about how I love my country but hate my government (and Sandra Day O'Connor is OFF my xmas card list, as of now.) But it was a warm day, and I got the Mustang out for a spin, and then Stephen and Francie had a cookout and I drank a lot liquids and played snooker pool and croquet and swam (well, like I swim, which means I stayed in the shallow end with an inflatable hippo around my waist and said things like "quit splashing me, guys! come on...) and ate masses of salty and sugary food and completely lost my fire of righteous indignation about our foreign and domestic policies. Oh well. I already wrote my best patriotic post ever, anyway. It'd be hard to top that.