Friday, March 25, 2005

Vacation's Over.

As suspected, the Vegas euphoria didn't last long. When you have a company with only 3 people, and all 3 of them go to a trade show for 6 days....let's just say there's been plenty of fires to put out this week. That isn't such a bad thing, as it distracts me from the vague sense of nausea that creeps over me whenever I hear a mention of the Terri Schiavo case in the news. I'll refrain from going into depth.... but I know firsthand the pain of seeing someone you care about destroyed by a brain injury. Congress' arrogance in involving itself in this matter is nothing short of appalling. This is a matter for families and doctors to decide; the thought that this woman's parents are willing to not only force her to continue living in a permenant vegetative state, but are also willing to put her on the national stage to accomplish their own ends just makes me want to barf. OK, enough of that.

Yesterday was Purim eve, and I came home from class to find not one, but two invitations from different friends to come over for some hamentashen and recreational beverages. Purim is a great holiday—it's celebrated with a long story, noisemakers, costumes, gifts, charity, food, and fun with friends. It's a good time of year for it! Stupid class. But I'm promised leftover hamentashen, and Passover is coming soon. We all know what that means: time for Cathy to go to the Osco and buy the most expensive bottle of Mogen David kosher wine that money can buy. I'm budgeting about $3.

Problems in the comments lately, I know. I've emailed enetation, not sure what else to do since I've no idea what the problem is. Bear with me.